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Saturday, October 25th, 2014

In whispers,
I have heard them say.
Like night and day
we can never be together,
Yet, if I may
I live this moment
and every other day,
hoping to
catch a glimpse,
of that brilliant smile.
Catch a hint,
of that effortless stride.
Catch a whiff,
of that scent in the wind.
Catch a sliver,
of that temper wild
and revel in it’s fiery warmth
as I once did.
As I have not done in time.
As I will one day again,
when you are mine.

In whispers,
I have heard them say.
Like day and night
Try as we might,
like the sun and stars,
Forever we are marred
with a gulf between us,
marked deep in twilight.
I have lived these years
facing old fears.
Holding close and dear
all you were, to me.
A fading memory.
All I have left
a dull aching pain,
that lingers.
A seething anger
proud and vain,
That keeps you alive in my mind.
Keeps me sane.
burning deep, awaiting that instant,
I see you again.

In whispers,
I have heard them say
Like dark and light,
never shall we unite
but if ever I trust,
in fates unjust.
As sure as rain
the time will come,
when you and I will be together,  again.