Second coming

Tuesday, August 6th, 2013

Act 0

“The idea that the next stage in human evolution lies in drugs is not new. Long have philosophers and psychoscientists speculated on the effects of certain drugs on the human mind. The ability of the human consciousness to surpass certain obvious limiters and create a new perception of reality under altered states of existence is nearly unique to us Humans. Animal testing on the subject has borne little fruit. 

Man has even speculated that art, all art, All of it. Draws out from a single source. Our deeper unconscious mind perhaps provides a gate or a portal to this source, a much obscured and hard to access doorway. A part of the human mind which we can only touch briefly during sleep or when one attains a unique state of living, a higher spiritual enlightenment. And one can perhaps briefly touch this source by the tainted hand of the junkie. But street psychedelics are a dirty, slippery shortcut. They are not the guidestones to the path of the Gods. Not the Soma, that was released to mortals as one of the treasures of the ocean.

Of course, Soma itself is a myth. A fable of the old days. The fourth Age of man is an age of reason not Myths and legends. Our swargas and narkas are both created here on Prithvi.  All the roads that lead to Swarga are closed to us mortals. We are bound to this reality with chains of the soul.

Or so we were led to believe.

What we have been trying to achieve here is a unity with the human subconscious. A complete melding with the dark recces of the human mind. An awakening if you will. And discover for ourselves what knowledge…past present or future lies there hidden from us.

We already have the tools for it. The physical manifestation of this transformation is already among so many humans. They have termed it ‘cancer’ and vowed that it is something to destroy. The fools do now yet know. They kill their own bodies trying to kill a disease, which we know to be something else. A chance at something greater. A chance at destiny. We do not know what the complete transformation will be. But my fellow researches assure me the physics involved with complete transformation is sound. Gods willing, we will be ushers of a new age for mankind.”

Prof. Vishvanathan Swami

Tehran 2019,
The Human Frontier

Act I

This was supposed to be my epic trip. This was supposed to be the epic trip to end all epic trips. Hell, I had even planned to put out. Stone temples under the red sunset, as a river lazes all around us casting beaches of red and white sand. We were on a beach dammit. It was perfect. Things couldn’t have been more perfect.

What did you do Rakim, what did you do?

There is no beach, no river, no stone temples. All around her, as far as the eye can see is a blank whiteness. As if the world has been erased. She rises up, unsteady. Her head feels like its about to split open. She saw something no human can see. Something she cannot understand. They were by the river. Rakim had been tripping on some shrooms, and so had she. So when he suddenly got up and started staring at the river she followed. He touched his finger to the river and a glow pulsed out. A resonating light so golden, so warm…all enveloping. A golden wave, calming all the waters of the river as it rippled across its surface from his finger.

Some trip.

He turned to look at her a moment. He was grinning, oh but his eyes. Even then she knew he was gone, her Rakim was gone. Twin stars burned fierce where his eyes used to be. He turned back to face the river. All five fingers this time. And this time she heard it. A harmony played on the scales of reality. Sounds distant and alien resounded as his fingers tapped the surface of the river in a mesmerizing sequence. Golden ripples shifted out onto land, into the air, over her. And he changed, he transformed. A halo bright as sun formed behind his head. His skin darkened, transformed, changed its hue. Lines glowing with power emerged all over his body marking it in strange patterns. The next time he looked at her was the last. And this time she could not recognize him at all. This was not Rakim, this was no mortal. He spoke something, in a voice that nearly made her ears bleed.


She fell back, screaming in pain. He lost interest in her and looked up defiantly at the skies. His mouth opened in a silent roar and a ball of solid energy coalesced above it. Growing brighter and brighter until she was nearly blinded by it.

Finally he roared. The ball exploded. The world ended. Only the white blankness remained.

She was walking now, she did not know where she was walking but she was walking on instinct. And it felt like she was going in the right direction. It all looked the same, no matter where she looked, panic began to set in. But from nowhere as if sent to guide her, came butterflies, blue butterflies flying in the nothingness of the void hurrying like she was to what they felt was the way out. Following them she came to the edge. The place where the blank void and the real world overlapped. She saw the fabric of reality torn apart. An edge in space, where flowing water and falling sand are frozen in time. On one side was the world she knew, and on the other the blank eternal void. Dazed she stepped through the void and back onto solid ground. However she was not alone here. Men in black, silent and omnious were all around here. Some were taking readings at the edge, others were armed with outlandish weaponry. She heard a soft voice behind her.

“Neutralize her.”

Neutralize? Wait? What?

“She is a dormant.”

Another voice, one of the shadows stepped forward become a woman. A beautiful woman.

“And she is keyed in to the Awakening. We will be able to track him through her.”

“Field recruitment is not a matter of common policy Major, she is a witness to an awakening. Protocol is clear on the subject. She must be neutralized.”

“That was a real God Class, Colonel. The area of the overlap is big enough to wipe out a small town. What happens when the next one awakens in Delhi? This kid survived it. She survived the void, the reality overlap and re-sequencing. To survive something like that means she is a dormant. And if we wish to have any hope of putting down the God Class that has just awakened, we need her. I need her, to track it down. So Colonel, as you have yourself told me. Every rule has its own exception.

“…this was a real God Class wasnt it…”


“We are totally fucked. Fine take her, she is your responsibility. You feed her, you train her. She cant be dead weight.”

The man with the mechanical eye turned and melded back into the shadows. The woman turned to her and smiled. She felt warmth return to her legs.

“Hey there, I know you have had a helluva time and you would have a lot of questions. But save them for later ok? Here we have a job to do. Alright, welcome to Establishment 22.”

“Clear the perimeter, the containment field is eroding fast. Reality will break through in fifteen seconds.”

She grabbed her hand and dashed, the other shadows did the same. As she was being dragged away the void came into perspective. It looked like a giant sphere of white nothingness, somehow overlapping reality itself. But reality is a bitch and does not take shit like getting overlapped lightly. Nature will not allow such a gross asymmetry to exist for long. True to the prediction, reality broke through. The earth rumbled and shifted beneath their feet, the wind groaned as it swirled and rushed to fill the void, the waters of the river were churned to a boil. She saw land, water and air rush through and whirl into the void. To fill it up, until it was obliterated. Things went back to normal, yet not quite. The missing parts creating a disjoint visible to the keen eye. Rising up from the chaos a call was made to check if everyone was alright.

” Hey…Im Sana, hope you are alright.”

“I…Im Cija..what the hell did I just see…”

“Haha, uhh well…what you just saw was Mother Nature getting pissed off. Heheh..uhm. That was reality rushing back to seal the rift. But it kills the earth a little every time it has to do this. I know this will sound really confusing. Well I suppose I should start by telling you. The world is ending.”



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